Classes for Expectant Families


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St. Vincent’s offers a variety of Perinatal classes and tours for the whole family, including siblings, and grandparents. Classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Another option is to complete a weekend series. Locations include St. Vincent’s Birmingham Bruno Conference Center, St. Vincent’s East, and St. Vincent’s One Nineteen.

Experienced registered nurses serve as instructors. REGISTER EARLY (NO LATER THAN YOUR FIFTH MONTH) to ensure class location, dates, and times convenient for you and compatible with the progress of your pregnancy. Register earlier if you are expecting multiples. To register, call Dial-A-Nurse at (205) 939-7878.

Gift of Motherhood
This four-class series includes topics such as Labor & Delivery, Options for Pain Management, C-Section/Postpartum Care, Tour of Birth Suites, and Newborn Care Classes. Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham and St. Vincent’s East.

Come learn about your amazing twins! This class will help you prepare for your newborns in the hospital and at home. Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

Breastfeeding: A Great Start
This class is designed to help you gain knowledge and skills needed for a successful breastfeeding experience. Common challenges and solutions will be identified and discussed. Classes are available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham and St. Vincent’s East.

The Bradley Method®
This class teaches families how to have natural births. The techniques are simple and effective. They are based on information about how the human body works during labor. Couples are taught how they can work with their bodies to reduce pain and make their labors more efficient. Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

Coping Skills for Labor and Delivery Practice Session
This class is designed for the expectant mother and a support person to participate together in practicing relaxation, breathing, and comforting techniques for labor. Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham and St. Vincent’s East.

CPR for Family and Friends (Adult/Infant/Child CPR)
This course is a classroom based, practice-while-youwatch video and instructor-facilitated program on how to perform the basic skills of CPR in adults, children, and infants and how to help an adult, child, or infant who is choking. It is designed for parents, family members, friends, older siblings, and babysitters age 12 and older, who want to learn CPR but do not need a course completion card. Available St. Vincent’s Birmingham.



Siblings: Brothers and Sisters
This class is for children ages 3 to 8, accompanied by at least one parent. Class topics include discussions and demonstrations of how to be a helper in caring for the new baby; what babies can do; creating a safe environment and acting safely around the baby. Available at St. Vincent’s East and St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

Daddy 101: Just for Dad!
Learn the ropes with other fathers-to-be about baby care, infant behavior, signs of illness, health and safety, fears about labor and delivery, dad’s role in breastfeeding, childproofing techniques, and so much more! Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

Grandparenting: Making it Grand
This is a fun and informative interactive two hour class for expectant grandparents whose grandchild will be arriving at St. Vincent’s. Class discussion will include a review of normal newborn characteristics, safety guidelines for home and car, and some do’s and don’t’s for 21st century grandparenting. A tour of the Birth Suites and the family waiting areas will be included during this class time. Available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham and St. Vincent’s East.

Early Pregnancy Topics
This class will help you learn about common early pregnancy topics including nutrition, physical, and emotional changes that occur in many expectant mothers plus more when planning for the upcoming birth of your baby. Early Pregnancy Topics is available at St. Vincent’s Birmingham.


Additional Classes Offered:


For boys and girls ages 11 and older. Class covers basic babysitting information including bathing, feeding, changing diapers, appropriate games and activities for certain age levels, and safety.

Safe at Home

A class designed for children ages 11 and older who might be home alone or caring for a brother or sister while parents are away. Topics include basic first aid and practicing safe behavior in the home. 

Girl Power

A class designed to help girls 9-12 understand and accept the natural changes that occur with early adolescence. The program addresses developing a positive self image while accepting the physical changes that accompany puberty. For girls and a female adult relative or friend.

For more information or to register for any of these classes, contact Dial-A-Nurse at (205) 939-7878, toll free at (800) 331-6777.