Bathrobes & Bunny Slippers

The last thing you want to do when labor begins is rush around wondering what you’re going to pack for your big day. Here is a helpful list to get you started.

What to Bring to the Hospital

(Remember, some of these items you can pack now, because you won’t need them until the baby comes.)

For Labor:
Pillows (For partner too. Colored pillow cases if you have them)



Cameras, film, memory stick, chargers, batteries, video cameras 

Change for vending machines or snacks for partner

Phone numbers of people you wish to call immediately

Mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste

List of comfort measures you want to use and equipment (Music, IPOD, rice pack, tennis ball, lotion, etc.)

Baby book – nurses will do footprints for you

For Post Partum:
Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, makeup, deodorant)

Slippers and robe

2-3 nightgowns or pj’s (buttondown front or nursing gowns if nursing) Use our hospital gowns if you prefer.

2-3 bras (nursing bras or snug-fitting for non-nursing moms)
Panties (suitable for holding pads)

Something comfy to wear home (what you wore at 26 weeks)

Laptop, wired for wireless (St. Vincent's Birmingham patients - ext. 4555 will help you)

Bow or wreath for your door

For Baby:
Sleeper/gowns (wait until triple dye on the cord is dry so it won’t stain baby’s clothes)


Special hat

Blankets (we do provide plain ones and tee shirts for you to use while here)


Picture outfit/blanket for background

Going home outfit and receiving blanket 

Nail file for those sharp little nails (no mittens allowed because of the choking hazard)

Car seat (already installed – we are not permitted to install them for you)

Diaper bag for the ride home

Boppy or other nursing pillow

Breast pump supplies (we have Medela pumps)

No need to bring formula, bottles or nipples for your stay. We also provide diapers and wipes, hair brush/comb, bulb syringe, thermometer, and Vaseline for circumcision care.