Choosing the Right Toys
Getting the Most for Your Toy Dollar

Birth - Five Months

    • Mobile - Make sure it is slanted so baby can see.
    • Bold color and contrast picture or black and white geometrical shapes
    • Safe, unbreakable mirror for crib.
    • Music box
    • Crib gym
    • Teething Ring
    • Clutch ball 

Six -14 Months

    • Bathtub toys (plastic containers, sponges, bath toys with water wheels and squirters)
    • Toys with doors and hinges
    • Books with thick, durable pages
    • Nesting objects such as Tupperware or barrels
    • Simple mechanical toys such as Sesame Street Poppin Pals 

14 - 24 Months

    • Riding toys - 4-wheel wagon or low horses (leg powered)
    • Pull and push toys
    • Stacking toys
    • Simple puzzles and shape sorters
    • Sandboxes/Wading pools - with appropriate tools
    • Toy telephones
    • Picture books
    • All kinds of balls
    • Cardboard boxes and old cushions 

24 - 36 Months

    • Riding toys such as a low and sturdy tricycles, big wheel
    • Indoor/Outdoor gyms (play should be supervised)
    • Storybooks
    • Art supplies to include crayons, finger and brush paints, and non-toxic
    • Blocks wooden or new modern versions
    • Theme toys that include dollhouses, farms, gas stations, parking garages
    • Sit 'n Spin