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St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Expansion

St. Vincent’s Health System will be expanding our St. Vincent’s One Nineteen campus to include a 40,000 square foot professional office building. The Professional Office Building will house physician office space, an ambulatory surgery center, and urgent care center.
To enroll, simply come by a registration desk on St. Vincent’s campus or at any Family/Primary Care Center. Sign a consent form and receive your invitation code. Within several days you should receive an email with a secure link to the St. Vincent’s Follow My Health registration page. It is simple, secure and available 24/7 via your computer, tablet or mobile device.
For more information, go to our St. Vincent’s Follow My Health page! *(data after 3/3/14)

St. Vincent’s Patient Portals

We now offer our patients two patient portals to view your health information. If you are a patient from a St. Vincent’s hospital stay, you will access components of your hospital records through the St. Vincent’s Follow My Health Portal. If you are a patient at one of our St. Vincent’s Family/Primary Care locations, you will access your physician office records and communicate with your provider through the St. Vincent’s Health System Patient Portal.
Both portals offer a secure and easy to set-up online account for you to access your health information 24/7. To learn more about the wide range of features for each portal, visit the St. Vincent’s Health System Patient Portals Page!
In accordance with our Mission and Values, St. Vincent’s Health System is committed to caring for all people regardless of their ability to pay, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable. St. Vincent’s Health System offers financial counseling and assistance to help address any financial concerns patients or families may have regarding their care. Our financial aid policies, which can be found on our website at, reflect St. Vincent’s Health System’s dedication to working together with our patients in a compassionate and caring manner to identify options for resolving their financial obligations. Help is available by contacting 877-202-0356, emailing, or in person at any of our facilities.