St. Vincent's Comprehensive Breast Center

St. Vincent's Comprehensive Breast Center is dedicated to a comprehensive program that covers the entire spectrum of breast care: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and research. The Breast Center provides early detection, treatment, and follow up for all breast conditions, cancerous or not.

Double Readings

St. Vincent's has two radiologists read every mammogram to promote greater accuracy, early detection, and consequently, earlier treatment.

Digital Mammography

The new Digital Mammography System from GE Medical Systems changes breast care with new efficiencies for physicians and peace of mind for patients through its speed and reliable electronic information.

Computer-Aided Detection

Computer-Aided Detection (CAD), as the name implies, uses a computer to analyze mammograms. The computer does not replace the radiologist who would normally read the mammograms, it merely acts as a "second-opinion" for the physician. It can alert the radiologist to take a closer look at subtle warning signs that might be easily missed.

Regular Mammograms

Even though the great majority of breast conditions are benign, they can be worrisome. Regular mammograms can relieve that worry. A mammogram can show a lump as early as two years before it can be felt. The vast majority of curable cancers are confined to one area of the breast and too small to be felt. If a problem is detected early through regular mammograms, it is more likely to be curable.

A Plan Especially For You

The Breast Center combines the broad resources of St. Vincent's Bruno Cancer Center. Doctors from a variety of breast care specialties including radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, and pathologists gather at weekly conferences to share information and develop the best information, options, and recommend a treatment plan for you. You reap the benefits of comprehensive care while retaining your one-on-one relationship with your personal doctor.


Your treatment involves more than technical care. Recovery and follow-up can include physical therapy, psychological counseling, social services, and peer support groups to provide support for you in the various stages encountered during the course of treatment and healing.

For More Information

For more information on St. Vincent's Comprehensive Breast Care Center, call 205-930-2929.

St. Vincent's Comprehensive Breast Care Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology.