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Help Comes Even in the Small Things

Something as common as a supply cart may not seem like a big deal, but to Jackie Doubleman at St. Vincent’s Birmingham it was an answer to prayer. A registered nurse certified in wounds, ostomy and continence, Jackie has been a St. Vincent’s Birmingham associate for 29 years, teaching nurses and serving patients who are battling wounds and incontinence, as well as those learning to cope with a fecal or urinary diversion. “I help patients deal with their conditions so they can get back into the mainstream of life,” Jackie says.
In order to do this, Jackie must have the necessary supplies on hand when caring for patients. But traveling back and forth between supplies and patient rooms proved to be time consuming, making it difficult to address patients’ needs efficiently to help them heal quickly and keep them comfortable. Jackie first addressed this problem by salvaging a cart from the Emergency Department. This cart allowed her to carry enough supplies to visit multiple patients’ rooms and address their needs efficiently, but the cart was getting old and was less than comfortable to push around the unit.

“I wore the wheels out on that thing six times,” says Jackie. “And after that, we couldn’t find the parts to fix it.” A new cart was inevitable for Jackie, but her department did not have the money in their budget to pay for such expensive equipment.

Jackie turned to St. Vincent’s Foundation for help. And because of your generous support of the Foundation, Jackie was not only given a new cart, but she received a cart that was even better than before. “The new cart is more ergonomically designed for my job,” Jackie says. “It is taller, which greatly reduced my back pain, and it is easier to maneuver, which helps me get around our unit much better.”

The new cart has helped Jackie be more efficient at her job. She can now carry more supplies than her old cart allowed and can leave supplies for other nurses who come behind her. She is also able to do the initial dressing changes for patients when she visits their rooms first thing in the morning, which is a big help to the other nurses. “The new cart helps me carry everything I need for patient care,” says Jackie. “I can attend to patients’ needs faster and help them stay more comfortable.”

When asked what she would like to tell our donors, Jackie simply said, “Please keep giving.” She is so grateful to everyone who made her new cart a reality. Your gifts to St. Vincent’s Foundation make it possible for seemingly small changes to make great impacts for the good of our patients, associates and health system as a whole. Please consider making a gift today.

A History of Giving
Throughout our long history of service, St. Vincent’s has relied on the generosity of the community to help establish the health system and build on the strong foundation created by the Daughters of Charity. When the need arises to fund large projects for our health ministries, donors like you step up to the plate to help us reach our goals. The projects listed below are a testament to the generosity of donors who invest in St. Vincent’s Foundation.

Digital Mammography at St. Vincent’s Blount – 2012
Thanks to a $110,000 donation from the Blount County Health Care Authority and $10,000 from community supporters, St. Vincent’s Blount recently added a new digital mammography machine. This new, state-of-the-art equipment offers patients access to more accurate and efficient diagnostic technology. It also allows the hospital to store the images in the computer archive system, making them easily available for future appointments. This new addition to St. Vincent’s Blount allows the women of Blount county the opportunity to receive the latest in imaging capabilities right where they live, making their overall experience at the hospital more comfortable and accessible. 

The New St. Vincent’s St. Clair – 2011
$3 million
Because of overwhelming support from our donors and the members of St. Clair County, St. Vincent’s Health System was able to build a brand new St. Vincent’s St. Clair Hospital. This 40-bed hospital offers an expanded emergency department; advanced diagnostic equipment, including a 1.5T MRI and 64-slice CT scanner; a fully digital mammography department; and extended stay suites for family members. This new hospital allows St. Clair residents to receive St. Vincent’s signature person-centered, quality care close to home.

St. Vincent’s East Chapel and Atrium – 2008
$1.5 million
Donors gave a great response to a campaign for upgrading the atrium and building a new chapel at St. Vincent’s East. The atrium’s work included new paint and furnishings while the chapel was renovated to continue to serve patients’ spiritual needs in addition to their physical needs. The new chapel has beautiful furnishings, all provided by our generous donors, and offers patients and visitors a place to pray and reflect.

South Tower – 2006
$13.4 million

With the generous assistance of our donors, St. Vincent’s built a South Tower at St. Vincent’s Birmingham, which included a new emergency department, 90 inpatient beds and 12 suites that allow families the opportunity to stay close to their loved ones while they receive inpatient care. The new emergency department includes double the number of examination rooms and more on-site diagnostic equipment. This addition to St. Vincent’s has improved the quality of care and was designed with one primary focus in mind – the patient.

North Tower – 2005
$2.6 million

St. Vincent’s North Tower has become a hub of outpatient care for the St. Vincent’s Birmingham campus. The building includes the Merrill N. and Julia H. Bradley Outpatient Surgery Center with two operating rooms; the North Tower Diagnostic Center with MRI, X-Ray, and mammography; one floor of birth suites; physician office space; and a 4-level parking deck. Donor support of the North Tower has increased access to outpatient services, giving St. Vincent’s Birmingham the ability to center services needed by these patients in one area.

New Horizon III – 2004
$3 million
St. Vincent’s East added integral educational programs with the help of donors to St. Vincent’s Foundation. These programs are primarily focused on services offered in Building 46 on the St. Vincent’s East campus, including low vision, diabetes, bariatric and digestive diseases. Other departments in the hospital also received support for educational programs, including cancer and heart. Through these programs, our associates are able to stay up-to-date with the latest in patient care in order to provide person-centered, high-quality service to every patient that chooses St. Vincent’s.

Hispanic Outreach Ministry – 2003

In 2003, donors to the Foundation enabled St. Vincent’s Birmingham to initiate a Hispanic Outreach program, La Sana Esperanza/The Healthy Hope, to provide health and medical assistance to the growing Latino population, often an isolated sector of our community. We have provided health fairs, health screenings, health information, case management assistance and language assistance to many people within the Birmingham community to break down the barriers that lead to poor heath in the Latino population.

Jeremiah’s Hope Skills Program – 2002
$1.2 million

St. Vincent’s Birmingham created the Jeremiah’s Hope to focus on training at-risk individuals, particularly women, for entry level jobs in the healthcare industry. Today, more than 300 people have graduated from Jeremiah’s Hope, and most are still working in the healthcare industry. Gifts from our donors have allowed this revolutionary program to blossom, and it is now a model for healthcare facilities nationwide.

St. Vincent’s Chapel – 2002
$2 million

As a Catholic Health Ministry, St. Vincent’s realizes that to treat the body alone is to ignore the greatest Healer of all – Jesus Christ. St. Vincent’s Pastoral Care staff prays with patients and their families to help them find a source of comfort and support that only God can provide. In 2002, St. Vincent’s opened its new Chapel as a place of sanctuary and reflection for patients, their families, physicians and associates. The new Chapel was named in honor of the Bruno Family, whose members have been benefactors to St. Vincent’s for more than 30 years; their dedication of philanthropy to St. Vincent’s spanning three generations.

Centennial Lodge – 1999
$2.7 million

St. Vincent’s Birmingham Centennial Lodge, a 23-room hotel facility connected to the hospital, was the project unveiled to celebrate St. Vincent’s Centennial celebration in 1998. The project became a reality in 1999 completely through gifts from our donors. The lodge allows friends and family to stay within minutes of their loved ones. Continued contributions have also allowed St. Vincent’s Birmingham to provide discounted or free rooms for families who cannot afford to pay.

Bruno Conference Center – 1997
$5.6 million

Through generous donations for a Bruno Conference Center at St. Vincent’s Birmingham, we were equipped with necessary meeting and function space, including a 300+ capacity auditorium, a conference room, three 30-seat rooms with adjustable walls for large or small crowds, a 40-person theatre with A/V capability, a computer lab and an additional meeting room. The Bruno Conference Center’s lobby has been used for receptions and is the home of St. Vincent’s Foundation’s Cumulative Donor Wall, celebrating philanthropy at St. Vincent’s since the hospital’s beginning.

Bruno Rehabilitation Center – 1992
$2.1 million

St. Vincent’s Bruno Rehab Center was established in 1992 through a generous gift from Lee and Nancy Bruno. The facility was one of the first of its kind, a true medical fitness center, integrating fitness and wellness services with physical therapy, occupational therapy and cardiac rehabilitation all under the same roof. The program has served the community effectively through the years, working with recovering patients who are regaining critical skills and with growing numbers of clients from the general population who use the facilities to maintain or improve their health and well-being.


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