St. Vincent’s Birmingham

Preceptor Request Instructors

To make Preceptor Requests, please complete the St Vincent’s Birmingham Nursing School Preceptorship Requests form and submit it along with ALL student paperwork electronically to

All paperwork for Spring 2015 preceptorships are due by July 31, 2015. Please note, while we strive to place as many students as possible, there is no guarantee all requests will be fulfilled. You will be notified by email by August 14, 2015 which students were able to be placed at St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

Once you have received confirmation of student placement, please contact Lenora Spencer at 205.558.3439 to register your students for the Horizon Electronic Documentation training. (There is no class for the Emergency Department or NICU at this time)

Clinical Rotation Instructors

To request a clinical rotation experience, please complete the St. Vincent’s Nursing School Clinical Rotation Request electronically and submit to

Once clinical assignments have been made and verified for you and/or your students, and all have become familiar with STVHS policies and guidelines through orientation, the required completed forms are to be delivered, faxed or scanned/emailed to:

Cassie Perry, RN, MSN
Director of Clinical Education
Office 205 939-7837

Instructor of clinical rotations must also provide an alphabetized list of their students’ names. All student paperwork should be compiled into one packet and arranged in alphabetical order by student. 

In addition, each Clincial Instructor must complete the following orientation/education requirements:

Evaluation of Clinical Experience
We value your feedback and strive to provide the best clinical learning opportunities possible. Upon completion of a group clinical experience, the instructor is kindly asked to complete and submit to Cassie Perry (by email, fax, mail, or personal delivery) the Student Nurse Instructor Evaluation of St. Vincent’s Clinical Experience.

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