Dear Nursing Instructor and Nursing Student:

Thank you for choosing St. Vincent’s Health System (STVHS) for your clinical experience. We welcome you to our facilities.

In order to become familiar with some of the STVHS policies and guidelines, we have compiled an online manual to deliver information you need to know before beginning your clinical experience. Reviewing the information is essential and must be completed prior to the first day of your clinical rotation.

Validation of the review of materials is done by completing and returning the four required forms listed below: 

  1. Student and Instructor Verification of Review of ” General Orientation Manual Non Associates  & Clinical Affiliations”
  2. Orientation Test
  3. HIPPA
  4. Corporate Responsibility & Ethical Practices


Please note that STVHS believes that the individual is responsible for reviewing all materials as outlined in this letter. Your signature on the Student and Instructor Receipt Verification of General Orientation Manual Non Associates & Clinical Affiliations form indicates you have accepted and are responsible for the material contained therein. 

To access the STVHS online orientation manual, click here.

Please click the appropriate facility from the list below where you will be completing your clinical rotation for a link to hospital-specific material you will also need to review.

We look forward to providing a quality learning experience for you while you are with us. Please feel free to ask questions as needed.

Education Resources and Human Resources