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Since the first hospital birth in 1909, thousands of babies have been born at St. Vincent's Birmingham including many of Birmingham's prominent citizens. All share the pride of claiming St. Vincent's Birmingham as their hospital.

In recognition of St. Vincent's special babies, St. Vincent's Birmingham has created a unique way to remember them for generations to come - a walkway constructed of commemorative Birth Stone bricks, located in the Centennial Garden.

The Centennial Garden and walkway were developed in 1998 in recognition of St. Vincent's first one hundred years of caring for the Birmingham community. Located outside the Bruno Conference Center, the Centennial Garden offers quiet surroundings allowing visitors time for peaceful reflection.

If you or a loved one were born at St. Vincent's, you can become part of this walk. Birth Stones can be given at any time.

For a $100 donation to the St. Vincent's Foundation, your Birth Stone, personalized with the name and date of birth of the person to be recognized, will become a permanent part of the Centennial Garden.

To receive an order form or to request additional information, please call the St. Vincent's Foundation at (205) 939-7825 or toll free at (800) 811-8925.

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