Dear Nursing Instructor and Nursing Student:
Thank you for choosing St. Vincent’s St. Clair for your clinical experience.  We welcome you to our facility.  Below are the detailed instructions for clinical rotations and student preceptorships and the paperwork that must be completed.

Students:   In order to become familiar with some of the STVHS policies and guidelines, we have compiled an online manual to deliver information you need to know before beginning your clinical experience.
Please note that STVHS believes that the individual is responsible for reviewing all materials as outlines in this letter.  Your signature on the *Student and Instructor Receipt Verification of General Orientation Manual Non Associates & Clinical Affiliations* form indicates you have accepted and are responsible for the material contained therein.

To access the STVHS online orientation manual click here.

Clinical Rotation Students:  Please print out the forms listed below (1-4) and submit them to your instructor.  Reviewing the information is essential and must be completed before your first day on campus (Note: Do NOT complete the Student Information form).

Preceptor Students:  Please complete the 5 forms electronically and email them to your instructor. Reviewing the information is essential and must be completed before your instructor can submit the preceptor request.  (Note: If you are unable to complete the forms electronically due to a computer issues, please print the forms out, complete them, and return them to your instructor).
Validation of the review of materials is done by completing and returning the five required forms listed below:

Upon completion of a preceptorship the student is kindly asked to complete and submit to Paula Leverton by email the *Student Nurse Preceptorship Evaluation.  
*St. Vincent’s St. Clair General Information: Click here for parking, floor plans, emergency codes and more.

Preceptor Request Instructors
To make Preceptor Requests, please complete the St. Vincent’s St. Clair Nursing School Preceptorship Requests form and submit it along with ALL student paperwork electronically to
Please note, while we strive to place as many students as possible, there is no guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.  You will be notified by email as soon as final assignment’s are completed which students were able to be placed at St. Vincent’s St. Clair.

Clinical Rotation Instructors
To request a clinical rotation experience, please complete the St. Vincent’s Nursing School Clinical Rotation Request electronically and submit to
Once clinical assignments have been made and verified for you and/or your students, and all have become familiar with STVHS policies and guidelines through orientation, the required completed forms are to be delivered, fax or scanned/emailed to: 
205-814-2133 – Joanna Murphree, Executive Assistant – St. Clair
Instructors of clinical rotations must also provide an alphabetized list of their student’s names.  All student paperwork should be compiled into one packet and arranged in alphabetical order by student.
In addition, each Clinical Instructor must complete the following orientation/education requirements:

Evaluation of Clinical Experience
We value your feedback and strive to provide the best clinical learning opportunities possible.  Upon completion of a group clinical experience, the instructor is kindly asked to complete and submit to Paula Leverton (by email, fax,, mail, or personal delivery) the Student Nurse Instructor Evaluation of St. Vincent’s Clinical Experience.